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The rapid rise of the natural medicine market The demand for plant extracts will continue to grow

Plant extracts are a new industry, and although some countries in Europe began to produce and use plant extracts in the early 19th century, they were still in their infancy, not scale, let alone constitute an industry. Until the early 1980s, a wave of “returning to nature” was set off in the world. People felt the safety of pure natural Chinese herbal medicines after they felt the negative effects of chemical synthesis drugs, which led to the rapid development of plant extracts. And unstoppable, with Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and other countries have already begun to produce Chinese herbal extracts and used for Chinese medicine health food.

Plant extract market size

In recent years, the steady increase in the demand for plant extracts in developed countries and regions in the world, especially in Europe and the United States, has greatly stimulated the development of the industry. According to the “Analysis Report on Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast of Plant Extract Industry” published by the authority of the Industry Research Institute of Qianwang Industry, the global sales of plant extracts reached US$10.14 billion in 2006, reaching US$33.32 billion in 2016, and the average annual market development rate is about It is 12.63%.

Plant extract development trend

1. It will become a new hot spot in the world drug market and R&D

Of the chemical drugs produced worldwide, 25% are originally derived from plants. The best known are aspirin, quinine, digitalis, vinblastine and taxol. At present, there are two trends in the research and development of botanicals: one is the component research method represented by the United States (that is, the western medicine method, the single molecular structure drug extracted from plants), and the second is the EU countries represented by Germany. Component research method. Compared with the component research method, this method is more convenient for commercial development and more in line with the reality of the Chinese botanical industry.

As the European market for botanical drugs has developed from several aspects such as policies and regulations, technological level, and consumer psychology, domestic companies entering the international botanicals market through the EU are a convenient way.

2. The demand for natural health products will continue to grow

Studies in recent years have demonstrated that a large number of "modern diseases" such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes in modern society have a great relationship with people's daily diet. It is recognized that certain natural plant extracts can have health care and even have the effect of preventing and treating certain diseases. It is better to use natural health foods to prevent diseases after taking medicines after illness.

Demand for phytochemicals is growing internationally. Demand from consumers for products made from organically grown herbs continues to grow, and this trend will continue; there is an increasing number of botanical formulas with sufficient scientific arguments that will help close the gap between health food stores and the mass market.

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