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The effect of grape seed extract on radiation resistance

Today's society is advanced and many electrical products emerge in an endless stream. Following the increase in household appliances, electromagnetic radiation has become the fourth largest infection after water, noise, and atmosphere.

Electromagnetic radiation is an invisible risk. Most of the electromagnetic radiation can occur in computers, televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, audio systems, high-voltage lines, and transmitting stations. It should be said that current urbanites are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation everywhere. What risks does this invisible electromagnetic radiation pose to human well-being? After inspection by a professional family, people who have been subjected to electromagnetic radiation for a long period of time are more likely to develop reduced resistance, easy to develop leukemia , disorders of internal regulation, growth retardation, infertility, miscarriage or deformity, and frequent headaches. Fatigue and other symptoms.

The awareness of Red Wine Grape Seed Extract (OPC) enables human beings to overcome this “devil” in the fight against electromagnetic radiation. When the human body is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, most of the endogenous free radicals can occur, causing lipid peroxidation and cell destruction. The red wine grape seed extract is equipped with powerful anti-free radical and anti-oxidation abilities. It should be, it can play the best effect against radiation. The experimental results showed that grape seed extract can make malondialdehyde (MDA) in mice (which is one of the lipid peroxidation products of biofilm systems, whose concentration indicates the lipid peroxidation intensity and excessive damage to the membrane system). Decline, and the greater the dose, the greater the decline. It has been proved that the red wine grape seed extract has the effect of inhibiting the lipid peroxidation caused by radiation, and has anti-radiation effect.

The Russians had long known that the effect of grape seed extracts on the maintenance of radiation damage, Soviet astronauts have long consumed a variety of procyanidins-rich plant beverages, in order to prevent their radiation damage during space flight. The explosion of the Soviet nuclear power station Chernobyl caused aggravated nuclear epidemic. Many people in the area were damaged by nuclear radiation. People living in this area were encouraged to drink a type of red wine called Crimean, a type of wine rich in procyanidins. To reduce the harm of nuclear leakage on the human body.

The curative effect of grape seed extract against radiation damage is increasingly alarmed by human beings. The current rapid development of high technology has brought great conveniences such as televisions, computers, microwave ovens, slides, and so on to human lifestyles, births, and occupations. In the common enjoyment of taking away items from humans, there is also a period of electromagnetic radiation that risks the well-being of people. The use of grape seed extract to develop a section of anti-radiation care food will have a long-term prospect of use.

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