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Artificial Sweeteners Can Accelerate Inflammation in Crohn's Patients

Proteobacteria include a large number of different types of bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella and the like. Most of these bacteria are normally present in the body and are not pathogenic. Most bacteria of Proteobacteria have a cell wall composed of LPS and LPS can induce a strong immune response and inflammatory response. 

Crohn's disease is a type of gastroenteritis with a pathogenesis of the digestive tract. Patients often experience abnormal pain, severe diarrhea, bloody stools, weight loss, and fatigue. According to reports, 10%-15% of patients said that artificial sweeteners will worsen their condition. 

Recently, in a recent issue of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, researchers from Case Western Reserve University have discovered that an artificial sweetener called "good sugar" can aggravate Crohn's disease. Rat inflammatory reaction. 

The results showed that after the mice drank water containing this artificial sugar, the number of microorganisms in the intestine called Proteobacteria could increase significantly. Of the mice that were tested, half had Crohn's disease, and the other half were healthy. Compared with the healthy group, the mice in the diseased group showed marked deterioration after taking the artificial sugar water, and the penetration of bacteria to the intestinal wall was also significantly improved.

The researchers also found that the intake of the artificial sugar causes increased intestinal myeloperoxidase activity in diseased mice. The enzyme is secreted by white blood cells and kills a wide range of microorganisms.

This phenomenon indicates that the body has developed an immune response against microorganisms. The above results imply that the intake of the artificial sugars increases myeloperoxidase activity in affected individuals, such as Crohn's disease or other enteritis. In this process, inflammation and associated concomitant symptoms aggravate the condition of enteritis.

The study showed that this type of artificial sweetener can cause the increase of intestinal inflammation, so patients with enteritis should be careful to eat foods containing the substance.

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