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Main trends of functional foods and beverages in 2018

Since 1998, people have shown that they want regular intake of foods that have certain health benefits that seem natural and easy to meet their own needs. This is why "probiotic yogurt" is the only real winner in the 1998-2007 "functional food" fanatic. Bone-fortified with omega-3, milk and glucosamine that are good for joint health, milk and melatonin, smoothie and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols - these hundreds of combinations seem to be weird but have become a trend . Digestive Health The pursuit of digestive health by consumers remains an important driver of new opportunities for large and small companies. The rise of probiotic dairy products, gluten-free and lactose-free dairy products, and vegetal milk are all aimed at avoiding indigestion. As in other regions, the health of the digestive system is also divisive, and people are willing to consider more ingredients and more product categories. Prebiotics should be one of the star products in the digestive market. They are science-based and have received rare regulatory approvals in Europe. However, the term “prebiotics” is largely unknown to consumers, and they often confuse it with probiotics. Prospective companies tend to use the effects of prebiotic ingredients, but add another ingredient, such as kiwifruit, fig or beetroot, to provide consumers with digestive health help. Compal, a leader in the fruit juice market in Portugal, is a good example. They use kiwifruit and add inulin for digestion to provide consumers with a good "digestion" experience. The most powerful trend in the market today is the desire of consumers for “naturally functional” foods and ingredients. This trend is the foundation for the success of all products. From the reproduction of plant-based foods and beverages to full-fat dairy products, the rise of green juices, blueberries, almonds, and seaweed snacks, this is a key driver for the innovation of healthy foods and beverages. The differentiation and complexity of consumer beliefs about food and health is a major determinant. This leads to market differentiation and guides the proliferation of new brands to serve them. This opens up opportunities for product developers and entrepreneurial companies.

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