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Blueberry powder can promote immune system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

Experiments have found that nutritional supplements containing blueberry powder can increase the level of natural killer cells in the body and help sedentary people lower their blood pressure. According to the report of “Nutrition Research” magazine, in a human trial, the experimental subjects were divided into two groups, each taking a nutritional supplement containing 250 g of blueberry powder or equivalent placebo. After six weeks of experimentation, the researchers found that people who took nutritional supplements containing blueberry powder had a 4% increase in the number of natural killer cells in their population compared with placebo. Researchers at Appalachian State University pointed out that “In order to demonstrate the potential regulatory role of blueberries in the immune system, we selected some athletes to conduct experiments and give them 250 g of nutrition containing blueberry powder every day for 6 weeks. Supplements found that the number of natural killer cells in their bodies has increased significantly, and that even after two and a half hours of treadmill exercise, there is no significant effect on the experimental results. “According to the information we currently have, our research on the relationship between blueberry supplements and natural killer cells is groundbreaking.”


The benefits of eating blueberries

Blueberries are rich in flavonol components that are beneficial to humans, such as anthocyanins and flavanols. In recent years, consumers’ interest in blueberry and blueberry-related products has grown. The main reason is that reports on the nutritional value of blueberries have helped consumers understand its role in promoting human brain health and delaying memory loss. The report recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also pointed out that the flavonol component in blueberry has a significant effect on promoting endothelial cell function and enhancing heart health. The study initiated by Professor Steven McAnulty of Appalachian State University once again confirmed the potential benefits of blueberries for heart health. The experiment selected 25 adult men and menopausal women and grouped them. The two groups respectively took blueberry powder nutritional supplements or placebo. The results showed that the subjects who took blueberry powder nutritional supplements had obvious aortic systolic pressure. reduce. In addition, after the subject with high blood pressure pre-stressed taking the blueberry powder nutritional supplement for 6 consecutive weeks, the blood systolic pressure also dropped to normal blood pressure.

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